Rental Services

Alimak’s customer support does not end with supply of high quality, safe and durable vertical transportation elevators, hoists and work platforms for those renting them. We also offer a complete service package enabling us to supervise a project from start to finish, encompassing project supervision, training, application engineering, planning and 24-hour service.

Project supervision

On a typical project, our project manager will implement a project analysis, assessing all the activities needed throughout the project. This involves determining what machines are required, a series of strength calculations as well as calculations for ground load and anchor forces, plus a logistics plan, a time plan and a detailed offer.

Erection and dismantling

Our highly trained personnel help deliver complete peace-of-mind to our rental customers by taking full responsibility for the transport, erection and dismantling of Alimak’s rental hoists and work platforms. They also take care of further height increases, relocation and removal during construction work as well as the installations of anchors.

Training courses

The profitability our machines deliver is increased by the skill of those who assemble, use and maintain them. To ensure the highest consistent levels of skill at all times and to promote greater understanding of safety aspects, maintenance and regulations, Alimak offers a full range of training courses for customers and other interested parties.

Rental Services

Our promise

We strive to be the best partner for our customers, regardless of size or location.