ALIMAK TPL 500 & 300

It's flexible, robust and simple design makes it suitable for all vertical access, including direct to buildings and scaffoldings, for new construction or for refurbishment work.

The TPL 500 & 300 is designed to offer the most cost efficient vertical transport solution on site and is delivered in either three phase 500 kg capacity or 300 kg single phase configuration. Each unit has dual functionality, and can be used as either a transport platform (TP) or material hoist (MH).

TPL 500 & 300

Our size and financial stability enables us to support customers by delivering continuous investment in technology, equipment, competence, and services.

Min/max platform length
1.6 m
Min/max platform width
1.4 m
Max payload capacity
500/300 kg
Max number of people* (TP mode)
Max number of people (MH mode)
Not applicable (0)
Speed (TP mode)
12/10 m/min
Speed (MH mode)
24/10 m/min
First anchor position
6 m
Max lifting height tied
100/50 m
Tie distance
7.5 m
Free topmast
4.5 m
Type of mast
Triangular 350, tubular steel

* Max number of people depending on local regulations.

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