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ALIMAK SE-Ex - Explosion Proof Elevator

Explosion proof, passenger and freight industrial elevator for hazardous areas

Built on the experience gained from thousands of installations worldwide, the latest Explosion proof elevator ALIMAK SE-Ex is designed to deliver on your access requirements for heavy transport needs in hazardous environments. The ALIMAK SE-Ex sets a new benchmark for the safer, efficient vertical transportation of personnel and materials on derricks, hull columns, platform modules, oil refineries, LNG terminals, chemical plants and other similar industrial environments.

New design, new flexibility

Increased efficiency, productivity and safety are just three of the benefits delivered by the new Explosion proof elevator ALIMAK SE-Ex range of freight and passenger elevator solutions from the company that pioneered the rack and pinion drive system back in 1962 to safely and efficiently transport people and materials. The enhanced efficiency delivered by the ALIMAK SE-Ex stems in part from the unique modular design of the cars that provide many different car sizes within the standard range. All elevators are based on a variety of wall panels made of the characteristic Alimak self locking, aluminum profiles. These wall panels meet different elevator needs, and create adaptable floor and roof configurations. A more rigid car design is built on a solid car floor and stiffened beams, which supports greater load capacity on a single mast.

Remote monitoring

The well proven Alimak Lift Control system ALC-II ensures both efficiency and ease of use. As an added bonus, Alimaks’ online A3 remote monitoring system can be fitted as an accessory. This gives the ability to fully monitor the elevator and trace any faults instantly from remote locations. This enhancement to our standard control system can speed up corrective diagnostics and minimize downtime.

ALIMAK SE-Ex, Explosion proof elevator

Present on six continents, our sales, service and rental companies support customers with a broad spectrum of unmatched on demand products and services.

  • No shaft is required – weight savings of up to 43,000 kg compared to other systems
  • Modular design delivering a wide range of car sizes and capacities
  • Fully compliant with ATEX and EN-13463 as well as ANSI 17.1 and NEC codes. Witness tested by third party
  • Two individual elevators can operate on one single mast column for greater operational flexibility
  • Drive machinery located on the car means no costly machine room is required
  • Fully collective elevator control system
  • Durable materials: extruded aluminium car wall panels with car support frame and mast sections of hot dip galvanized steel. All stainless steel electrical cabinets and landing control boxes. Optional stainless steel cars are available
  • Wide range of optional equipment and functions delivering you the right equipment for each individual task
  • Remote Monitoring System – The online A3 remote control can also be added to monitor elevator operations 24/7 and pro-actively trace faults should they arise to avoid downtime.

Close to you

Present on six continents, our sales, service and rental companies support customers with a broad spectrum of unmatched on demand products and services.

Payload capacity, FC
1,200–2,800* kg
Payload capacity, DOL
450–2,000 kg
Loading classifications, ANSI
Class A, B, C1, C2, C3
Travelling speed, FC
0.5–0.7 m/s
Travelling speed, DOL
0.32–0.6 m/s
Max. lifting height
80 m (increased lifting height on request)
Motor control
Frequency control (FC) or Direct-on-line (DOL)
No. of motors
Elevator car sizes
Several car sizes available, min. 0.78 x 1.82 m, max. 1.30 x 3.90 m
Power supply range
380–690 V, 50 or 60 Hz, 3 phase
Fuse ratings
35 A, 63 A or 100 A
Type of mast
Rectangular (FE) or square (A50), tubular steel with integrated rack
Length mast section
1.508 m
Standard compliance
EN 81-20/-50, Pr EN 81-7, ASME 17.1-2010 part 4.1, ASME 17.1-2010 part 5.7 (up to 1,000 lbs), AS 1735.9, AS 1170, and the technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union TR CU 010/2011. Other standards on request.
Lift Directive Type certificate, ATEX Directive Type certificate, GOST R 53780-2010 certificate and TRCU 010/2011 certificate
Protection class ATEX
Zone 1** or 2, Gas group I, IIA or IIB, Temp. class T1–T3 (T4)
Protection class NEC
Class 1 Division 2, Gas group C or D, Temp. class T1–T3 (T4)
Dust, NEC
Class 2, Division 2, Dust group F and G

* Depending on cabin area.

** Zone 1 up to 1,600 kg payload capacity.

For other demands or specifications, please consult your Alimak representative.

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Alimak SE and FM-elevator series are built to withstand harsh environments and installations with or without an existing elevator shaft.

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