Alimak industrial lift provides access to 270m lead smelter chimney stack at Mt Isa Mines

Mt Isa Mines Lead Smelter Chimney, QLD, Australia

Alimak works closely with Downer EDI to complete the dismantle of a 34-year old Electruck lift, and the installation of a new Alimak SE lift at Mt Isa Mines. With a lifting height of 252m, the Alimak SE 700 industrial lift provides critical maintenance access to the lead smelter chimney stack.

Glencore Xstrata’s Mt Isa Mines is one of the largest mining operations in Australia, with a silver-lead-zinc stream producing more than 30,000 tonnes of zinc concentrate, 170,000 tonnes of crude lead and 230 tonnes of silver lead in bullion each year.

Built in 1978, the mine’s lead smelter chimney stack stands at 270m tall, making it Australia’s largest self-supported structure. An Electruck Easiriser lift was originally installed within the chimney shaft, providing access to the six levels of the chimney stack for inspection and maintenance of the structure’s aircraft beacons. After 34 years of use, the Electruck lift was decommissioned in 2012 and replaced with a new Alimak SE 700 industrial lift.

Completion of the project occurred in two stages: the first being the removal of the original Electruck lift and the second involving the installation and commissioning of the new Alimak SE 700.

Given the limited space within the chimney stack, the Alimak SE 700 lift was the ideal solution, as it could be configured to fit the existing lift space with only minor modifications. With a lifting height of 252m from ground to top floor, accessing 5 landing levels in between, the new Alimak SE 700 was a faster and more reliable alternative to the aging Electruck lift. Travelling at a speed of 1.0m/sec, the Alimak lift will make the 252m journey to the top of the chimney stack in under 4.5 minutes, while the original Electruck lift required almost 7 minutes.

Elevator details

Mt Isa Mines, QLD, Australia
Elevator Model
Chimney stack, maintenance lift
700 kg
Car Size
1.04 m x 1.17 m
1.0 m/sec
Lifting Height
252 m
Mt Isa Mines Lead Smelter Chimney Stack

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