Metals and Steel

Alimak rack & pinion elevators are widely used within the metal & steel industries throughout the world.

Alimak has worked together with manufacturers and EPC’s to develop vertical access solutions for plants and projects around the world. In the end, it’s all about designing the best technical solution to optimize capital, productivity and product quality. Alimak , unmatched in experience and competence, has placed high functioning equipment in plants all the way from Southern Australia to Northern Iceland and from Western Venezuela to Eastern Japan.

Typical applications for Alimak elevators are in aluminum refineries, in smelters and solving access challenges at the steel mill itself. In a metal & steel environment, an Alimak elevator delivers speed, reliability and safety which are critical components during operation but also key during a compressed and challenging maintenance stop.

Alimak also supports in the construction of aluminium refineries and steel mills with temporary vertical access solutions.

Metal and Steel

Customer profitability

In a 'time is money' world, we ensure customers get materials and personnel transported higher, faster and safer.