Extreme temperatures

Alimak elevators benefit users in a huge variety of industries on every continent around the world. Almost no work environment is too cold, too warm, too high, too deep, too bendy or too hostile for an Alimak personnel, service or freight elevator solution. Designed for every imaginable elevator application, Alimak elevators deliver easy access to monitor and service key processes on or in your facilities.

Designed and built to withstand the extreme conditions of the world’s toughest environments, Alimak elevators are the top choice in offshore, ports, steel works, cement and power industries. Users of Alimak access and service elevators in all environments win from our high technical experience that builds on delivering our products to users from the Antarctic to the Amazon! Customers large or small can count on Alimak elevators to increase their productivity, enhance quality and reliability and improve worker safety and satisfaction.

From the freezing tundra to the Amazon

Imagine living and working in an environment where temperatures rarely ever rise above 0°C and during the winter can reach -55°C. A place where snowfall is so intensive that it has necessitated periodic rebuilding of snowcrushed buildings around every ten years. Welcome to the Halley Survey Base in the Antarctic, year round home to a maximum population of researchers and scientists. In the 1990’s an Alimak materials lift provided continuous access to a twin two-story accommodation facility, a project no other elevator manufacturer dared take on.

From the empty frozen tundra to the Amazon. Located near the Equator, the central Amazon rainforest boasts extreme heat, humidity and heavy rains… a challenging environment for any elevator company. Two Alimak rack and pinion elevators were installed on transmission towers along the Amazon River. With each tower as tall as the Eiffel tower, the Alimak elevators provide access for critical servicing and maintenance.

Elevators for extreme temperatures

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