Bridges and Tunnels

Accessing bridge pylons for service and maintenance is one of the trickiest challenges confronting elevator and access companies. Alimak rack and pinion solution can solve the problem.

Maintenance personnel must gain access to the cable stays and the aircraft warning lights at the top, which requires placing an elevator inside the concrete pylons. For this type of application, the Alimak rack and pinion solution is really the only viable alternative because the pylons are extremely narrow and often inclined or even curved.

Alimak has successfully delivered internal pylon elevators that provide reliable and efficient access on bridge projects around the world for the past 40 years. The Alimak elevator solutions adapt to inclinations and curves, tight spaces and windy conditions, and climb to the pinnacle of the highest structures.

Alimak elevators continually prove themselves by delivering reliable and efficient access for inspection, maintenance, and emergency escape in a multitude of road and rail or metro tunnel shafts around the world, adapting to inclinations, curves, and tight spaces. The first Alimak shaft elevator was installed in Austria in 1975 and was used to inspect the 600-meter high ventilation shafts in the tunnel under the Tauern pass.

Alimak also supports in the construction of bridges and tunnels with temporary vertical access solutions.

Bridges and Tunnels

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