Our reputation rests with the reliability, safety, performance and cost of ownership of our products. As a result, we pride ourselves in our ability to offer you the "choice" of extending the working life of your existing equipment when it starts to tire or to take advantage of buying the latest Alimak technology available at the time.

Our programs of equipment upgrades and refurbishments are unparalleled in our industry. The range of offerings includes:

  • Exchange unit programme
  • Control upgrades
  • Component upgrades
  • Replacement of worn equipment

Extending the useful life of your machine allows you to optimize the investment you have made over a longer period of time.



Elevator Refurbishment - Before

Elevator Refurbishment - After

Replacing worn equipment

Alimak, Champion, Heis-Tek and Hek elevators and platforms are installed in harsh environments which can cause corrosion of key structural components over time.

Although our products are supplied with protective coatings such as hot dipped galvanizing time can cause deterioration of even the best-protected components.

As part of our annual examination service procedure we can perform an ultrasound test of the structural components of your equipment, to ensure that the structural integrity meets minimum manufacturer requirements.

Alimak's ultrasound equipment will allow us to maintain a history of the measurements, so that a corrosion rate can be determined with a subsequent projection being made on the life expectancy of the mast and tie-ins. This will allow you the opportunity to budget in advance for scheduled replacements.

The Alimak ultrasound testing program can assist you to effectively forecast your equipment replacement needs. 
DON’T DELAY: Alimak provides an Ultrasound Testing program to ensure the continued safe operation of your Alimak, Champion, Heis-Tek or Hek equipment.

For more information on service contract options, please contact your closest Alimak office, representative or use our contact form.


Long term partner

Our size and financial stability enables us to support customers by delivering continuous investment in technology, equipment, competence, and services.